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The Liebmann Surname


Where does the Liebmann surname come from?

As far as I can tell, Liebmann's come from anywhere from the Western Limits of the Prussian Kingdom to Russia and from Austria to Pommerania. However, there seems to have been more that came from the following areas:

In the US there are about 2,000 Liebmanns and Liebmans. In Germany, there are about 800. There are some in Austria too, but I haven't come up with a number for that.

My ancestors came the northern part of Saxony, where there are still many Liebmanns.

Are all Liebmanns Jewish?

No, although in the US this is almost true. My ancestors were Lutherns from Saxony.

What does the name mean?

Litterally, love-man. It most likely meant a beloved or well liked person. I have seen a Yiddish interpratation which said decendant of Levi. Regardless of what the name means, we Liebmanns are great people.

My Liebmann ancestors came to the US from Söllichau, Saxony in 1865. They settled in Missouri and later moved to Kansas.

Some information on Söllichau can be found on this informative homepage.
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A few pictures of my Liebmann ancestors

Gottlieb and Fretric Liebmann around 1860
My Great Great Grand Father and Mother, John (Johann) Gottlieb "Old Man" and Fretric Liebmann, around 1860: This photo was taken around Sölichau, Saxon Pronvince, Prussia, shortly before they brought seven children to the US
The FC Liebmann Family around 1905
My Great Grand Father's Family around 1905: Top (L to R): Flora, Lillie and Rose Bottom (L to R): Anna Elisabeth (Zuber), Eddie (Edward Charles) and Fred Charles Liebman (born Gottfried Carl Liebmann)
Eddie Liebman at 100

My Grand Father, Edward C. Liebman, in 1997 at age with his favorite animal, the dog

In the future there will be a Liebmann Genealogy Library here

Last Update: 24 February 2012