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Welcome to Frank Liebmann's Homepage


My name is Frank Liebmann. I have tried to include links to some of my personal interests as well as information about some of the things in my life.

Frank and Lupe
A Picture of my wife and me

Its a Girl!!!
Elizabeth Ann Liebmann
b: Apr 26, 1999

Weather in Some of My Favorite Places

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Cities Where I have lived
American Fork
American Fork, "The Hub" 

States Where I have lived
  • Texas
  • Texas 

    I 15 Reconstuction
  • I15 Sign
  • UDOT's I15 Page 
  • State of Utah's I15 Page
  • Salt Lake Tribune's I15 Page
  • Or Take UTA

    My Roots

    The Surname Liebmann
    Some of My other Ancestors

    Hobbies and Such




    Radiant Laboratories - Where I work as an electrical engineer specializing in computer simulation of electrostatic structures. (wow, that's a mouthful)

    I have worked with the following software:

    I have done a home page for ACT Inc.

    Email and Homepages for Some of Utah's Lawmakers
    Name Office Homepage Email
    Orrin Hatch US Senator Homepage Email
    Bob Bennett US Senator Homepage Email
    Jim Hansen US Rep Homepage Email
    Merril Cook US Rep Homepage Email
    Chris Cannon US Rep Homepage Email
    Mike Leavit State Governor Homepage Email
    Jan Graham State AG Homepage Email

    Favorite Search Engines
    Where to submit URLs
    My ISPs (who I have Internet Service with)
    Software Download Sites

    Last Update: 21 November 2000
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