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The Old WHL Logo

The Unofficial Old
Western Hockey League

with West Coast, Prairie and Rocky Mountain Hockey History
Last updated: 17 June 2010

A Brief Intro

For 22 years the WHL played in the cities of Western Canada and the US. For folks on the West Side of the continent, it was major league hockey. The league died in 1974, due to financial pressures caused by the WHL's prime venues being taken by the NHL and WHA. Three teams, Denver, Salt Lake and Seattle, went on to play in the CHL. Portland went on to play in the WIHL. The league still lives on in many of our memories.

A Plea for Help

This page has a lot of good info. However, it's no where close to being complete. If you can provide any additional info, MAIL ME. If you find any inaccuracies, MAIL ME. If you have any suggestions for format changes, MAIL ME. If you want to give me a word of encouragement, MAIL ME. Unlike a book, this page can be added to, changed and corrected. I have received much help from folks from the internet. You can help too.

Frank Liebmann


The following sources were very helpful in creating this page

  • An extensive if not complete historical list of all North American pro teams and leagues
  • An excellent Hockey database by Ralph Slate (this one is good)
  • Garth MacBeth for information on the WCHL/WHL
  • A history of the WCHL/WHL by a Regina Sports Writer
  • Scott P. Belfield for San Diego Gulls Info
  • Ralph Slate for some of the logos
  • James Karkoski for historical information including the Patrick Cup winners
  • Mike Terran for standings from the earlier leagues.
  • A pamphlet from an unknown publisher titled Icemen: a History of the WHL. I believe the author is John Stott.
  • Thanks to Dave Domanski for the puck photos

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