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WHL/PCHL League Champions

The playoff championship trophy was origionally called the President's Cup. In 1960, on the death of Lester Patrick, the name was changed to the Lester Patrick Cup.

Season Playoff Champion Regular Season Champion
44/45 ??? (was between San Diego
and Seattle)
Seattle Ironmen
Oakland Oaks
San Diego Skyhawks
(division champs)
45/46 Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks
46/47 Los Angeles Monarchs Hollywood Wolves
47/48 Vancouver Canucks Seattle Ironmen
48/49 San Diego Skyhawks New Westminster Royals
49/50 New Westminster Royals New Westminster Royals
50/51 Victoria Cougars Victoria Cougars
51/52 Saskatoon Quakers New Westminster Royals
52/53 Edmonton Flyers Saskatoon Quakers
53/54 Calgary Stampeders Vancouver Canucks
54/55 Edmonton Flyers Edmonton Flyers
55/56 Winnipeg Warriors Winnipeg Warriors
56/57 Brandon Regals Brandon Regals
57/58 Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks
58/59 Seattle Totems Calgary Stampeders
59/60 Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks
60/61 Portland Buckaroos Calgary Stampeders
61/62 Edmonton Flyers Portland Buckaroos
62/63 San Francisco Seals Portland Buckaroos
63/64 San Francisco Seals Denver Invaders
64/65 Portland Buckaroos Portland Buckaroos
65/66 Victoria Maple Leafs Portland Buckaroos
66/67 Seattle Totems Portland Buckaroos
67/68 Seattle Totems Portland Buckaroos
68/69 Vancouver Canucks Portland Buckaroos
69/70 Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks
70/71 Portland Buckaroos Portland Buckaroos
71/72 Denver Spurs Denver Spurs
72/73 Phoenix Roadrunners Phoenix Roadrunners
73/74 Phoenix Roadrunners Phoenix Roadrunners

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